Friday, July 29, 2011

Calling all Shopaholics!

 If your are a shopaholic, I have a few tips for you.  I could spend millions of dollars in one shopping trip(one problem I dont have millions of dollars).  So instead I like to use my money wisely while shopping.  Like if you see a shirt at Hollister that is $45.00 DONT BUY IT!!!!(unless you need it for a special occasion).  It will go on sale!!!!!  I've bought stuff before at Forever21 or Hollister that was full price.  With my incredible amount of luck, it went on sale the next day.  So instead of $25.00 it was now $10.00.  Seriously!!  I could have saved $15.00, and with that you could buy another 1-2 shirts!  Thats happened to me an incredible amount of times before.  So unless it already is cheap($10.00) you can buy it. Because it will be a long time before a $10.00 shirt goes on sale.  But if you want a shirt that is 25-30 dollars, I would just wait a couple weeks to get.  You could save a tremendous amount of money if you buy stuff on sale instead of full price.


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